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Downgrade of AWS SAP HANA One instance (from cc2.8xlarge to m2.xlarge)

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earlier I had an AWS m2.xlarge HANA instance (revision 36). It was a small instance for differently show cases.


Yesterday i have tried to create a new SAP HANA instance (revision 48). On the create process it is only possible to choose cc2.8xlarge instance. It is too big for my purposes. For this reason i have created an cc2.8xlarge instance and i have tried to change the instance type to m2.xlarge later.

In the AWS portal under actions/change instance type it doesn't work.


My question: it is generally possible to change an instance type after creation? It is possible to create an m2.xlarge instance directly in SAP HANA One revision 48?


With regards


Waldemar Schakiel

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