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Ranges and select options in CE functions or SQL

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I have to optimize a custom ABAP report for HANA. The report does not have much business logic, most of the data is retrieved directly via Open SQL joins. Is there much scope for improvement?

Additionally, the SELECT queries recieve select options from the selection screen/ranges as input, how do we work with ranges/select options here?


Even If I write a procedure I still need to somehow pass the select option to to procedure or the native SQL select. Im not sure how to do that. Can someone point me in the right direction?


And finally If i need to use a combination of various CE functions to achieve my result, can I pass select options there? say a CE_COLUMN TABLE or CE_PROJECTION?

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    Gairik Acharya Newbie
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    Hi John

    You have mentioned that you need to optimize a report . You can execute the transaction SAT to check which part of the program is taking most of the times and also find out its related logic and sql and you can try to start with there . You can also move the query to a procedure which can call hana views and check whether it improves the performance.


    Regarding select-options , you can view my response to a discussion where it is mentioned that how the dynamic where conditions for hana can be generated using a class based on select-option values. This dynamic where condition can then be passed as a input parameter to a procedure and that parameter can be concatenated with the select statement to use in the EXEC command . Link to my post is given below. Please see the last response which I have given on Apr 16


    Push down SELECT-OPTIONS to HANA | SCN



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