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SLT to non HANA database

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Does anyone know if I can leverage SLT to extract data from SAP ECC and land it directly into a non HANA SQL Server database?  We will also have HANA setup, but have different reasons for also extracting data into a separate environment.


Thank you

  • Re: SLT to non HANA database
    Stephen Siew Newbie
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    You extract data using Data Services to a non-SAP system. SAP DS is a perfect tool for ETL and some transformation of data. To extract data to a SAP system, you can use the trigger based SLT. SLT can be setup on the ECC system or as a standalone system. I hope this help.

  • Re: SLT to non HANA database
    Raja AGRAWAL SAP Employee
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    Hi Jason,


    Technically yes and practically no. I am assuming that you do not have the full SLT license. In HANA enterprise edition, you get a limited license for SLT for which the source system can be only HANA.


    Hope this helps,


  • Re: SLT to non HANA database
    SAP Employee
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    SLT is for HANA DB only as the target.

  • Re: SLT to non HANA database
    Ralf Steinbach Newbie
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    HI Jason,


    you can do it, but it requires some (but limited) custom development. Of course you need to buy a separate SLT license for that use case.  SAP has started to put this into the standard in DMIS 2011 / SP04, but it is not finished as of today.

    If you set parameter 'REPL_ENABLE_OTHER_TARGET' in table DMC_RT_PARAMS, you can define another DB type as target, but the SLT logic is not supporting this further down in the processing.

    But we have sucessfully implemented it on our own for a DB/2 target.

    The biggest challenge is to get the right SQL  syntax for your target database tables . The way we did it was to create a new database type ('ZDS', because DB6 is already used for the internal ECC6  database), stored all parameters in DDSTORAGE (DB6 needs specific values for INDEXSPACE and TABLESPACE that are not the ones from ECC6) and created a new generator program 'SDB2FZDS' as a copy of  SDB2FHDB. You need to change the SQL code in here depending on your target database, as  the syntax might be slightly different from HANA.

    teh whole logic is linked to FM 'IUUC_CREATE_TABLE'  that creates the tables in the remote DB


    After you need to setup a connection in DBCON table and it should work.


    Good luck with your project


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