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How Brands/Retailers Run an Effective National Mobile Display Ad Campaign with Messages Targeted at Hyper-Local Level to Get Shoppers into Stores


Mobile advertising can be an effective marketing tool for brands and retailers, especially since an increasing number of shoppers are consulting their mobile devices throughout their path-to-purchase. But often, these broad-based campaigns are ineffective, irrelevant to localized shoppers. For example, many mobile ads are shown in locations for which the brand/product is not available within 20 miles. According to MaxPoint Interactive, for 75% of all US consumers spending happens within 15 miles of one's home. So how can retailers and brands make a national promotion relevant to millions of different shoppers, each with their own unique preferences and needs? How can a national campaign, whether its focused on a new product launch, high demand lines, or even a full product catalog promotion, also be localized to the local demand and to the supply of products in stock at the stores nearby?


Retailigence, a SAP technology partner, has introduced adPOP, a dynamic mobile display ad engine which takes location based product inventory data from retailers, matches which nearby stores carry the product in-stock, and automatically builds customized mobile display messages and offers on the fly (within milli-seconds) directed at each mobile consumer by location and demographic profile. This vastly simplifies the creative and targeting set up for hyper-local campaigns with national coverage.


adPOP uses SAP HANA to harness a large number of data sources and real time data streams. The ad targeting engine evaluates a large number of factors - including time of day, regional preference, local events, weather, local pricing trends, and much more - to determine the best product to show on an adPOP ad call. The targeting, bidding, creative building, and ad serving all take place during a real-time bid for location and time specific mobile ad inventory, incorporating local features and relevance into any nationwide digital display promotion.


  • Dynamically Embeds Existing Local Inventory Data Into Hyper-local Ad Creative:

By including localized data, retailers and brands can offer locally relevant ads, coupons, deals etc.

  • High Shopper Relevancy Raises Top-of-Funnel Brand Awareness:

By coupling a mobile ad with a consumer’s location and interest, adPOP delivers the type of location-based engagement that can foster a positive retailer and brand experience.

  • Zip-code Level Targeting Increases Bottom-of-Funnel Conversions:

By running ads showing where to view, touch, and purchase products, marketers can close the gap between brand engagement and product purchase. By targeting ads to the zip codes of nearby stores where products are carried, adPOP is able to reach an audience most likely to convert.

  • Leverages Demand-Side Platform Capabilities:

adPOP utilizes DataXu’s industry #1 ranked DSP and other sources of ad inventory to help marketers efficiently reach quality audiences at scale.

More Information:

www.retailigence.com  or email to bizdev@retailigence,com


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