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Bringing your shop to every website - Jerome

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Problem :


Classical advertising is out of fashion. Online shops struggle to get some visibility using agressive display ads, with no or little differentiation, while content websites struggle to generate revenue with invasive and poorly qualified ads.


Solution :


We embed shopping interfaces into content websites. These interfaces display the exact products that are being talked about in the page. Through this interface, the user can start or top up a cart in his favorite stores, without even leaving the page. We make sure that as much of the user experience of the online shop is available directly within the page : the user can browse equivalent products, adjust their quantity, or select another shop within the interface. And finally, he can validate his cart, at which point he his redirected to the online shop.


Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 9.55.15 AM.png


We have partnered with Casino (top French retailer) to bring a piece of their online grocery service directly to several recipe websites


This builds an amazing user engagement : as a user, whether you use it or not, you already benefit from a service. This ad is so qualified and so seamlessly integrated that it does not feel like an ad.

Facebook enabled users to share content from within the pages. We enable user to shop from within the page. This is the next generation of ads.


In order to find which products to display, we perform a semantic analysis of the pages we settle on, and of the catalogs of the shops we connect to. We translate the unstructured content of websites and the very tabular product data of shops to a common "esperanto", a graph that represents the links between all these products and page contents. In order to do so, we use HANA as an in-memory hybrid database, mixing graphs and structured content.

Additionally, we provide in-depth analytics and user profiling, enriched from our semantic approach.


Benefits :


  • You are an online shop ?
    • A new kind of ad that engages the user like never before
    • Brings you customers with their cart already full
    • One step integration
  • You are a brand ?
    • Extreme segmentation to push your products to your target users
    • In-depth analytics
  • You are a content website ?
    • Non-intrusive and highly qualified ad
    • New source of revenue
    • Brings a service to your users



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