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Mobile Sales Optimization and Execution - EasyAsk





The typical sales rep manages hundreds of accounts, opportunities and orders at any given time.  And in the process, they sell thousands of different products with stock and availability constantly in flux.


An essential part of the sales rep's job is to track and optimize the thousands of different activities they need to close and maximize sales.  Yet, the typical CRM implementations are designed to help sales management track and report sales pipelines, NOT help the mobile field sales reps optimize their pipeline. In the everyday life of a mobile field sales team, they can use real-time sales information such:


  • Past and current sales order status information to prevent sales calls from being be disrupted and sales opportunities stalling,
  • New and updated information about products and inventory to optimize sales orders, offer new products, and eliminate mistakes that could lead to canceled sales orders,
  • Account, lead and activity information to optimize their time and close more business as their schedules and meetings change while on the road.


Easy access to their CRM information from mobile devices helps the sales reps optimize their sales pipeline, grow orders and increase productivity.



EasyAsk Quiri uses the power of SAP HANA to deliver a Siri-like voice-driven mobile sales platform that increases sales team productivity, closure rates and total sales.  EasyAsk Quiri allows sales reps to simply ask questions of their CRM data from their mobile devices and get the answers in real-time.


The EasyAsk solution organizes the CRM information in HANA for fast access to consolidated views of CRM data and analytics from mobile devices.  The HANA CRM repository enables a very broad set of questions over a wide number of topics, attributes and metrics.  For example, by asking:


  • "Show sales orders and status over the past 60 days for Fast Car Automotive", a sales rep can gauge the status of orders before walking into a sales call with Fast Car Automotive,
  • "What is the inventory of 2012 injectors" and "What new injectors are there for 2013" a sales rep can understand existing part inventory and new products they could offer to a customer,
  • "What new leads do I have in Charlotte North Carolina" to identify some new leads to fill schedule gaps from cancelled meetings in Charlotte.


The consolidated CRM views make information easier to find and helps relate common information that is difficult to combine in the normalized transactional CRM data.

Using EasyAsk Quiri with SAP HANA, sales reps have rapid mobile access to key information helping them to optimize their sales activities and making it easier to reach their sales goals.




  • Increased sales team productivity via fast, easy voice-enabled sales information access,
  • Faster achievement of sales goals through more effective and informational sales calls with accounts,
  • Higher closure rates and fewer cancelled sales orders by optimizing product placement with customers,
  • Increased number of sales calls and reduced downtime through rapid reaction to new leads, scheduling changes and other new activities
  • An engaging Siri-like user experience that increases sales rep use and adoption of CRM information





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