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Analytics for Beer Consumption at Tap Level - WeissBeerger




  1. No on-trade consumption data at the beer and beverage markets.

   2.  No way to spot and recognize Trends.

   3.  Conservative pricing metohds. Not optimzed.

   4.  No ability to improve consumption or get alerts on low performance.



Our on premise sensors monitor and accumulate consumption data of draught beer in bars, Restaurants and Hotels and transmit them to our cloud servers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       By using Sap Hana, our systems are able to analyze large amounts of data in a real-time and provide more accurate business insights:

Know how your brand is consumed during the day/hour.

Know your competitors' consumption

Assess and optimize advertising impact

Enable dynamic pricing-Allow discounts per specific time frames and regions.






1. A graphic dashboard enables to slice and dice the data and provides unique business insights for increasing revenues.

2. Monitor brand performance

3. Accurate Consumption statistics

4. Alerts according to the breweries demands.

5. Competitive edge - "smart" beer taps

6. The first ever yield management system for breweries for the On-Trade market.




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