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Root Cause Fault Analytics - Warwick Analytics

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WA provides analytics software which automatically finds and resolves the root cause of manufacturing faults and process bottlenecks. It can be used on a case-by-case basis or embedded as an Early Warning and Prevention system.



The patent-pending algorithm stems from decades of academic and industrial research and zeros in on the parameters causing the fault without knowing any context. It is non- statistical and doesn’t require hypotheses. Solutions are provided in terms of re-process and/or redesign output. It can even solve “No Fault Found” issues.

WA uses the power of HANA to greatly reduce the time for the algorithmic computations so that faults can be identified and resolved in almost real-time. It can be used in either enterprise deployment or on AWS SaaS.

The software has been deployed in a number of different sectors – mobile phone, automotive, electronics, aerospace and pharmaceutical.



  • Resolves root causes of faults and problems in real-time
  • Simple to follow, practical solution: a set of simple business rules to amend the process or redesign the product
  • Can solve No Fault Found problems
  • Doesn't require hypotheses. Will always find an answer from the data available
  • Is non-statistical: will always return with a solution, or a revised data search space





Warwick Analytics about HANA and the SAP Startup Focus Program - YouTube



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