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Foundation for Call Centre Reporting, Analysis and Performance Management

Authored by: DV Balaji



The current model for today’s utility customer call center is typically structured around a reactive, problem resolution mode. With the enormous advances in call center technologies and heightened awareness of the importance of customer service and satisfaction, utility industry can significantly expand and optimize the call center into a business-wide resource to raise the levels of service, promote customer satisfaction and, ultimately, reduce costs to the business.


Utility industry expects advanced analytics on meter and other data, and also details presented in a simple and intuitive interface to manage the calls from their customers.


A typical utility call center performs variety of functions including receiving calls from

  • Customers regarding technical inquiries
  • Outage information
  • Billing complaints
    • Billing error
    • Wrong tariff etc
  • Claims for damage to property
  • Service inquiries etc.

Many of today’s utilities business are dealing with problems resulting from inadequacies in technology, including difficulty in successfully integrating business systems at their call center such as Customer information system, Geographical System and Asset management system resulting in

  1. Longer wait time for customers
  2. Day-to-day customer service operations being affected
  3. Delay/Incorrect information being fetched
  4. Poor Customer self service
  5. Inability to analyse customer service related KPIs


The power of SAP HANA would allow the utility industry to work with large sets of granular data in a very rapid manner that would pull up meter data, meter flags, Geographical information and data from third-party systems as they field the customer request by connecting and consolidating data from various business systems like Customer information system, Geographical System and Asset management system. Call-centre operational / transactional data can be modeled in SAP HANA that can be used for further analysis.


SAP HANA provides organizations with better insight into business operations and improved decision making by analyzing the data available from various business systems quickly and enabling them to respond to changing Market trends more efficiently.

  1. Retrieve required information quickly from various business systems that will reduce long customer wait time.
  2. Excellent data integration and faster Query processing to fetch the data which is required to provide solutions to the customers on the call.
  3. With the call centre data modeled in SAP HANA, below benefits can be derived.
    • Better metrics and KPIs related to customer service.
    • Service levels Adhered to by the call centre agents.
    • Identify and correct the process issues which are driving costs, risk, and customer experience.
    • Optimize agent performance - Average handle time, repeat calls, and call volumes.
    • Understand and optimize the use of channel options such as calls, chat, email, and self-service for customer interactions by analyzing the call center data itself.
    • Provide measures and metrics that align operations to a team /  department, to drive performance objectives of the call center.
    • Enable efficient forecasting, root cause analysis.


This ultimately results in more calls processed, improved “first call” resolution, higher customer satisfaction, and more accurate customer billing.


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