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Target the relevant audience with the right offer at the right time!


Marketing, sales and service organizations use campaigns to reach out to their customers and prospects for all kinds of purposes (e.g. product launch/recall, preventing churn, up- and cross-selling, etc.). Rather than blasting all customers with the same offer, these organizations need to be very precise in targeting the right audience with the right offer at the right time using the preferred channel of the customer/prospects.


(1)   The data volume that needs to be analyzed on the fly is very large causing performance issues

(2)   Business users need to reach out to IT or shared service centers which prevents responding to market demand quickly


There is a lack of visualization, exploration and predictive analytics to support intelligent decision making throughout the process.



By using Audience, Discovery & Targeting powered by HANA organizations will be able to conduct predictive segmentation:

  • Segmentation on any data source.
  • High performance on big data sets
  • Aggregation and calculation of attributes, scores, KPIs on the fly
  • Flexible segmentation on any object represented by a SAP HANA database view, not just CRM Business Partners

This way, building complex segmentation models visualized by a hierarchical network graph is enabled. Explore visually customers and other data via interactive charts and consume analytical insights build with data mining and predictive analysis tools on the fly. A high degree of flexibility and performance for target lists is given allowing for high degree of personalization.



Audience Discovery & Targeting powered by HANA provides highly integrated data (ERP, CRM, BW, external) for a true 360 view on the target audience as well as a high performance end to end from modeling to list building. An intuitive UI allows business users to segment all kinds of data on their own. This way, the gap is bridged between the operational side of campaign management and superior analytical insights leveraging predictive analytics

To sum up, Audience Discovery & Targeting powered by HANA has following value-driving capabilities:

•    improving revenues by increasing contact, response, conversion rates and customer experience

•    Improving profitability by spending the marketing budget wisely

•    Improving organizational effectiveness by responding rapidly  to changes in market dynamics



Video: SAP HANA - The Adrenaline of Business - YouTube



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