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Warranty Management


In today’s business environment, consumers are demanding higher quality from the products they buy.  As a result, manufacturers have to achieve higher quality ratings (e.g., JD Powers or Consumer Digest) to defend and maintain market share. Appearing quality issues and resulting warranty costs continue to be significant challenges for most companies. Manufacturers and their suppliers share a huge interest in reducing warranty claims and recalls to effect lowering of warranty costs. Warranty costs hit the bottom line of every organization in the manufacturing value chain, and describe therefore a major potential saving.

Hence BearingPoint offers a unique solution for Warranty Management and Early Warning to companies in different branches (Automotive, Life Science, High Tech, Aerospace etc.) in order to entail a considerable reduction of warranty costs.



The BearingPoint Advanced Warranty Containment System (AWaCS) solution powered by SAP HANA extends existing warranty processing by capturing diagnostic data and providing a robust instant reporting toolset for identifying emerging quality issues. The solution is a multidimensional web-based system which provides combined analysis capabilities using multiple data sources by integrating diagnostics, warranty, sales and production data.


SAP HANA and AWaCS enables to leverage large volumes of diagnostic information at any aggregated or drilled-down level based on the diagnostic capabilities of products in various  industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Life Sciences and High Tech. The user friendly interface supports intuitive, timely, and accurate analysis that is customized to an end user's  approach.



The BearingPoint AWaCS-solution offers:

  • Quality problems can be caught and resolved earlier in the product life cycle,
  • Reductions in annual warranty spend and warranty accruals,
  • Fewer products will be built and shipped with quality issues,
  • The number of units requiring field repairs or recalls will be reduced,
  • Reduces the latency associated with warranty -based analysis,
  • Improved product quality and customer perception.



Infographic: Bearing Point Warranty Management

Infographic: Bearing Point Warranty Management(中文)


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