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Defence & Public Security Analytics


Many terrorist groups are active in almost every country and a threat to the peace & prosperity of the world. Sometimes these groups coordinate attacks on more than one targets at the same time. Instantaneous relay of real-time intelligence powered by previous attack trends (target types, weapons used, attack modes, claim mode etc) is a major challenge & finding the past events related to the current events through huge volumes of data is another challenge.

Real-time intelligence can curb a terrorist threat or attack. Challenge of fear and confusion prevailing during complex terrorist events, gets worsen with the slow or outdated processing of collective global intelligence about the terrorist-groups, its history & nature of attacks. Merging the current context with the previous attacks  in order to perform unified analysis (both current & historical trends) is always a challenge within the security agencies.



Real-time availability of information of any type of attacks carried out in any part of the globe/country to be instantaneously made available to dash-board of the Peace Keeping Unit or Police force or Investigative agencies Hand-held devices (Counter Terrorism Units) with the historical unified information on the terrorist outfit. Objective is to enable trapping or neutralizing  the terrorists with real-time intelligence and 360 degree vigilance powered through the pattern of threat identification/ previous attacks.


The use-case is build on the latest SAP flagship product - SAP HANA, the innovative in-memory, real-time database & the analysis is presented at the SAP BOBJ Dashboard Design. In our use-case demo, data is provisioned from SAP ECC & replication using SLT (SAP Landscape Transformation) for real-time & SAP BODS for near real-time replication.

In addition, the RoamBI is integrated with SAP HANA to render the results over iOS and Android platforms for the hand-held devices/smart-phones used by the investigative agencies. With the SAP BusinessObjects platform available over the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), the solution is accessible anywhere over the internet through a secured network authentication protocol.





This use-case provides vigilant analysis of the country & state-wise, attack-type, target-type, weapons-used etc on real-time basis as well as understand historical data about the attacks carried out by that group. The future of this use-case is to help the Home defense, Police Department/Intelligence agencies or even the Interpol with comparative-analysis, trend-analysis of the previous events connected to the current event.


The use-case is made available through path-breaking, game-changing SAP HANA’s real-time capabilities, search and explore the patterns with SAP BusinessObjects BI4, RoamBI Mobile App, and an IPad App. This is an effort to increase the understanding of terrorist violence so that it can be more readily studied and defeated to avoid the complex crises, while focusing on controlling and coordinating the information in real time over secure mobile networks.

The purpose & the objective of this demo is to help governments, intelligence, military, defense or various security agents in getting the right information at the right time(both current data merged with the historical data) at the speed of light & accelerate the decision making & crisis response teams protect & secure its citizens & property.



Demo: ATS Demo



This is a DEMO ONLY use-case and does not refer to any website/owner/organizations/representatives of organizations.


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