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Demand Signal Management - Sense and Respond in Real-time to the Growing Dynamics of a Customer-driven Supply Chain


Due to large amounts of consumer data, visibility for sensing, analysis and planning data is often possible only on aggregated levels with limited functions in real-time on a granular level.



Demand Signal Management (DSiM) and SAP HANA enable a single repository of shipment, POS and syndicated data as well as other influencing demand data points in order to rapidly analyze demand data and improve supply chain, sales, marketing, product development and other business processes. 

DSiM will provide the capability to store large amounts of shipment, POS and syndicated data as well as other influencing demand data points, combined with unique modeling capabilities to plan and manage demand and category performance.



G DSiM connects CP manufacturers better with their end consumers by greatly improving responsiveness and performance to their customer and ultimately end consumer demand. DSiM helps CP manufacturers understanding consumer behavior ; it helps improving performance in the overall supply chain, such as preventing excess stock in warehouses and retail channels as well as eliminating out-of-stock situations which might erode profitability and brand loyalty.




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