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Trade Promotion Management - Enhanced Planning for Promotional Events


In order to spend effectively on trade, it is essential to have a promotion strategy with a firm basis in analytics that enables sales operations or trade marketing to analyze historical trade activities to determine promotion strategies going forward – identify the successful promotional vehicles, establish guidelines for pricing and promotion in conjunction with brand, make adjustments to available programs where needed.

Following challenges need to be overcome:

  • System performance when planning on large data sets
  • Data aggregation leads to approximations and allocations
  • Overnight batch jobs for complex functions hinder real-time planning



SAP AcceleratedTrade Promotion Planning powered by HANA technology contributes to:

  • Improved performance
  • Better data granularity - product
  • Better data granularity – day



Accelerate your planning of trade promotions and build highly tailored promotion plans! Additionally, improve accuracy of trade spend allocation.

You can run any size of promotion instantly, glean deeper insights with product level data and allocate promotion spend on a day level.




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