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Customer Segmentation


Understanding customer needs to provide the right offers to the right audiences are critical for the success of every marketing organization. Companies have the need to build more specific customer segmentations whilst contending with an explosion of data. This “big data” trend is characterized not only by the sheer volume and variety of customer data available in their current systems like customer relationship management (CRM) but also captured from new social media channels.

So how effectively and quickly can marketing organizations

  • handle high volumes of many types of customer data?
  • analyze customer data and build highly specific customer segmentations?
  • access customer data in a timely manner?



With SAP Customer Segmentation Accelerator powered by SAP HANA, marketers can now work with large amounts of granular data to better understand customer demands, behaviors and preferences – targeting the precise audience with the right offers across every customer segments, tactics and channels. The power of SAP HANA combined with SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) empowers marketers to maximize profits with highly tailored campaigns, dramatically reduce the cost of marketing by targeting more easily high margin customers, and react quicker to optimize campaigns and tactics.



The SAP Customer Segmentation Accelerator helps marketing departments build highly specific segmentations on high volumes of customer data and at unparalleled speed. 


  • Deliver highly personalized and relevant marketing programswith deep insights into large amounts of marketing-related data
  • Recognize and react to constantly changing customer behavior and preferences with instant access to real-time marketing-related information
  • Accelerate the business impact of marketing with fast analysis and simulations





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