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Real-Time Situational Awareness

Authored by: Gonda Marcusse



During emergency response, situational awareness is critical to effectively manage and safeguard civilians and in-field personnel. Real Time Situational Awareness provides advanced analytical insight to first responders and public safety command personnel by allowing them to analyze and understand on-scene, active emergency situations through interactive, integrated data analysis and visualization.



Law enforcement agencies and first responders face significant challenges, daily and at any given time need to act decisively based on available information. By improving the available information with the SAP Situational Awareness, they can sense, predict and act in real time.

SAP Situational Awareness facilitates rapid decision making at the hands of police and first responders by leveraging:

·     SAP HANA modeled around a public safety standard NIEM (National Information Exchange Model) delivering insight from massive amounts of incoming public safety data

·     SAP Business Objects BI delivering information to command control centers in a simple a personalize way

·     SAP Sybase Mobile platform making data accessible to police officers and first responders on the ground, helping them to better anticipate and respond to rapidly evolving situations on mobile devices.

·     Device to device collaboration leveraging situation based services



  • Real-Time Decision Making-  SAP HANA prevent a delay in disaster information improved emergency response the outcome.
  • Access to real time analysis- Fast and easy creation of ad hoc views  on new emerging situations
  • Smart Public Safety Organizations: one common picture between all levels of an organization and between all organizations
  • Unlock new insights – remove constraints for analyzing large data volumes - A delay in emergency response results in casualties and further destruction.
  • On the move – having the ability to sense predict and act in real time from anywhere -first responders are safer and can act more effectively to save lives, reduce harm and minimize loss

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Big Data Analysis For A Safer Life: Police and first responders face significant challenges and need to act fast based on available information. With the emerging Big Data revolution, decision makers in police enforcement are looking at real-time intelligence, at their finger-tips, to successfully save lives.



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