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TwoGo by SAP


Your Carpooling App

Carpooling is a great way of both saving enormous amounts of money for the customer while at the same time fostering networking and knowledge transfer among employees. TwoGo, from SAP, is a mobile, cloud-based carpooling service that was designed and tested specifically for the commuting use case of an enterprise. It’s not like anything from SAP that you’ve ever seen!

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  1. 1. TwoGo has been designed as a solution for companies to support the ride sharing of employees as they travel to work. SAP is already using the solution in Germany, the United States, Canada and Singapore.
  2. 2. TwoGo communicates with your corporate email and calendar systems via open standards. But you could also manage your rides from our web or mobile platforms – all of which are seamlessly integrated.
  3. 3. It is a cloud based solution that works instantly. You don’t have to touch your IT to make it work!
  4. 4. TwoGo manages the entire communication via email, including defining the right meeting points for people. No other communication among participants is necessary.
  5. 5. TwoGo supports single sign on and leverages companies security infrastructures (certificates)
  6. 6. TwoGo allows for the flexible analysis of anonymized usage data, leveraging SAP’s world class analytics tools. This is essential for a successful carpooling scheme.
  7. 7. TwoGo supports international maps, time zones, languages, units of measures as well as country-specific rules for sending SMSs.
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