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SAP Lumira Desktop

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SAP Lumira

Tap into your data – big and small – and discover answers.

Give your business users the solution they need to access, transform and visualize your data in a repeatable, self-service way. SAP Lumira point and click interface and engaging visualizations allow you to quickly analyze data for rapid time-to-insight and business agility – no scripting required.

With SAP Lumira, you can:

  • Deliver faster time-to-insight in a repeatable, self-service way
  • Maximize business knowledge with a combination of big picture insights and granular details
  • Accelerate decision-making with immediate, fact-based answers to complex business questions
  • Increase self-service data usage without adding to your IT department's workload
  • Visualize any amount of data in real time – with SAP HANA
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SAP Lumira in Action

The videos below illustrate how SAP Lumira can help you gather, analyze and present the facts to solve your most pressing business questions – for any line of business:

Working with HR data in SAP Lumira

HR Data

Working with sales data in SAP Lumira

Sales Data

Working with supply chain data in SAP Lumira

Supply Chain Data

Working with finance data in SAP Lumira

Finance Data

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