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Welcome to the BW on HANA FAQ Space

The purpose of this knowledge repository (FAQ) is to provide

  • a central place to SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA links with detailed information and the possibility to directly engage with the subject matter experts in their individual linked-in blogs
  • a platform for the SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA community, where all customers, prospect and partners can actively engage, ask questions, answer questions and provide feedback and comments.


How to navigate and search

The entire repository is organized by categories. Within each category you can find documents that list all questions related to that category. For some categories we posted all related questions & answers into more than one document to further subcategorize this category to make it easier to find questions related to a certain topic.

Some documents are assigned to more than one main category as their contents overlap with other category. Nevertheless it's still just one document and all comments will be visible in every category that document is assigned to.

The easiest way to search across the entire FAQ is to use the general search field on the top right hand side of the page. As soon as you enter a key word you will see the option of just performing the search on the BWonHANA FAQ space. This will limit the search to the FAQ space only, compared to a search across the entire Experience SAP HANA space.



About the authors:

Daniel Rutschmann has been with SAP for about 12 years with a very strong focus on Enterprise Data Warehousing throughout his entire career especially in the area of SAP NetWeaver BW. He held different roles within SAP Consulting over several years building a strong relationship with customers from various industries around the globe. His expertise is based on many years of consistently delivering successful solutions and IT architectures. Today he is part of the Solution Management team for Data Warehousing Solutions & SAP HANA platform.

Erich Schneider is with the SAP HANA Solution Management for D&T Database and Technology. He started his SAP career in 1992 and has been implementing SAP solutions in many countries on three continents, and has been a strategic advisor to the SAP PCN Premier Customer Accounts. Erich was also chief architect for the internal SAP program to enable data and business intelligence (BI) architecture using SAP In-Memory Computing technology across all SAP AG lines of business worldwide.

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