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ZDNET: CRM Watchlist 2013

Posted by SAPHANA.com Administrator in News on Feb 19, 2013 3:06:07 PM

The November 2012 announcement of SAP Customer 360 Powered by HANA – This is a complete revamp of their CRM suite to not only take advantage of in memory computing but will also extend the components of the suite broadly. Where in the past they had a series of separate products e.g. SAP CRM, SAP Sales on Demand etc., now they have a single suite that is organized around a solution portfolio. Thanks to their overall social ‘product strategy’ SAP’s social collaboration layer, Jam, runs through all the applications in Customer 360. This is a considerably more organized, less piecemeal approach, which, while still something short of an overall ecosystem, is far better than the scattershot set of products that they had in the past to service different aspects of CRM. The next phase is discussed below.

Read more here: CRM Watchlist 2013: Sweetest Suites Part 2 of 3 | ZDNet


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