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Johnson Controls Expects to See an 86% Reduction in Cost of Operations with SAP HANA and SAP MaxAttention 3 weeks ago by Jade Vachon Jade Vachon
Aerospace and Defense Co. Sagem Enhances Their IT Performance with SAP HANA and SAP MaxAttention 3 weeks ago by Jade Vachon Jade Vachon
eBay Early Signal Detection System Powered by Predictive Analytics on SAP® HANA 6 months ago by Naren Chawla
Real-time Inventory Management 7 months ago by Rukhshaan Omar Rukhshaan Omar
Average Balance Analytics in  Banking 9 months ago by Rajesh Janardanan Rajesh Janardanan
Personalized Patient Treatments 9 months ago by Julia Busalt
Russian Railways: Agile Real Time Decision Making in Fast Moving Industries 11 months ago by Jade Vachon Jade Vachon
Route Profitability Analysis for Airlines 11 months ago by Franz Uhr
Strategic Purchase Planning 11 months ago by Guest
Predictive Analysis using Big Data –Personalized Product Offering 11 months ago by ATAUL BASEER ATAUL BASEER
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) on HANA 1 year ago by Andy Macaleer Andy Macaleer
Trade Promotion Management - Enhanced Planning for Promotional Events 1 year ago by Gudrun Fischer
Optimize your profitability by identifying your customers' values 1 year ago by Goenuel Tanriver Goenuel Tanriver
Energy and Environmental Resource Management (powered by HANA) 1 year ago by Erin Horbach Erin Horbach
Optimizing Management decision making processes 1 year ago by Exxova Inc.,
Leverage the Best of Mobile Search and Purchase to Win Online-to-Offline Omni-channel Marketing & Commerce Battle 1 year ago by Rukhshaan Omar Rukhshaan Omar
Genome Analysis 1 year ago by Rukhshaan Omar Rukhshaan Omar
How Brands/Retailers Run an Effective National Mobile Display Ad Campaign with Messages Targeted at Hyper-Local Level to Get Shoppers into Stores 1 year ago by Krista Dow

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