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SAP HANA International Focus Group

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SAP HANA International
Focus Group

A community to support your SAP HANA
implementations and adoption initiatives.

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Welcome, SAP HANA customers, to this exclusive international community supporting your SAP HANA implementations and adoption initiatives. This forum, formerly known as the SAP HANA VIP customer community, gives you access to on-site activities as well as our bi-weekly call series featuring topics to help you deliver SAP HANA solutions to your organization.

Please Note the Following:

SAP HANA iFG will be open to all SAP user groups and all SAP customers, focusing on four topics:

  • Strategy for SAP HANA and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA
  • Customer feedback
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Co-innovation

SAP HANA iFG will have three distinct levels inclusive of customers and user groups:

  • SAP customers and prospects who are interested in SAP HANA for learning & education but have not yet licensed.
  • SAP customers who have licensed SAP HANA but are relatively new or implementing.
  • SAP customers who are “live” on SAP HANA, have experience and wish to share information, brainstorm and exchange ideas with SAP, user groups and customers. This group will primarily consist of IT and business executives.

Developed by customers for customers, this forum is intended to address the successes, challenges and issues you face, so that all members can benefit. Contact us any time for feedback, suggestions or if you have a question. – saphanacommunity@sap.com

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