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Explore SAP HANA

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Explore SAP HANA

Explore SAP HANA

Learn more about what SAP HANA is, how it works and how to build your next exciting application. Get started exploring.

Develop on SAP HANA

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Define in-memory tables like any other database. Tables can be column or row based.

Text Search

Enable full text search and analysis on columns, supporting various digital formats and languages.


Create views based on dynamic results from one or more database tables.


Create procedures for data-intensive application logic directly in the database for fast in-memory execution.

  • SQLScript: SAP HANA scripting language for procedures
  • R: open-source for statistical computing
  • Use predefined libraries including Business Function Library and Predictive Analysis Library.

Extended Application Services (XS)

Develop extended application services and expose OData support using server side JS with full access to SQL and SQLscript.


Eclipse based IDE supporting administration and collaborative development, debugging and deployment of applications.

Deployment Shell

Use SAP HANA deployment shell as an alternative way to deploy SAP HANA applications using GitHub or command-line, and any development tool.

Initial Load

Use CSV files, Data Services or the SAP Landscape Transformation for the initial source data import.

Data Replication

Keep data of selected tables in SAP HANA up-to-date with source system tables by using SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT).


Build apps using SQL (JDBC, ODBC) or use analytical tools like Business Objects, Excel against SAP HANA.


Build mobile, web or APIs against SAP HANA using HTML5 or OData (ATOM/JSON) based services.


Promote and sell applications through the SAP HANA Marketplace.

Speed Your Development and Reshape Business


Use traditional database modeling with state of the art scripting

  • Create data models and views
  • Code using SQLscript for procedures
  • Use R and other Advanced Libraries procedures
  • Create UIs or build OData APIs


Collaboratively build and deploy applications

  • Quickly create JavaScript and HTML applications using any development tool
  • Deploy using GitHub or Command-line
  • Use your current SAP HANA instance or try a free evaluation


Consume from analytical, mobile, cloud and other application frameworks

  • Integrate via ODBC and JDBC
  • Consume OData from external apps
  • Access via web using HTML5 based apps
  • Promote and sell apps using SAP HANA Marketplace

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