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This holiday season, SAP took the opportunity to work with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to create an environmental campaign that raises awareness and helps preserve a big chunk of land in the Caucasus. WWF rates this area as one of the world’s most treasured biodiversity hotspots in need of protection.


The genesis of this idea came from an app, running on SAP HANA One, that divides parcels of land for users to adopt helping the WWF preserve endangered wildlife and majestic forests. For this campaign, SAP secured 56,000 square meters of land, divvied up into 1 square meter pieces, to give away to anyone who wishes to participate.


It’s easy to adopt your green spot. You’ll need to use your Facebook account and go to http://spr.ly/MyGreenSpot. Follow the steps and be sure to print out your personalized Certificate of Green Spot Adoption once you’ve claimed your spot. You’ll see that the coordinates for your green spot are listed on the certificate just in case you’d like to visit your square meter of land.


This is SAP’s gift to you which you can also share this with your friends!


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