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Cookbook delivers recipes: SAP CRM on SAP HANA

SAP has just announced SAP CRM on SAP HANA, an in-memory, real-time customer relationship management system. To help you implement this product, SAP has created a Cookbook.


What is the Cookbook?

To help you get SAP CRM on SAP HANA, SAP has created the SAP CRM on SAP HANA Cookbook. The Cookbook contains information about every aspect of getting this product, from the adoption process to installation, upgrading and migration.

New customers

If you are a new customer, start with the Cookbook for an overview of the technology, business value and adoption paths. Once you are comfortable with the environment, read Deploying SAP CRM on SAP HANA to learn how to prepare for and install SAP CRM on SAP HANA.

Current customers

If you are a current customer, the Cookbook helps you get SAP CRM on SAP HANA by explaining how to upgrade and migrate your current SAP CRM system. Upgrading your current SAP CRM system is important because it brings your system up to the required minimum levels.

How the Cookbook affects your business’s success

The Cookbook is your comprehensive resource for all tasks and questions related to SAP CRM on SAP HANA. The Cookbook helps you get SAP CRM on SAP HANA up and running as quickly as possible.


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