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What are the big challenges for large manufacturers today? To stay competitive in the global market, they have to increase market share by offering product variety and volumes and exploring new markets. They need to control cost to stay profitable, yet fulfil demand in a timely manner. They have to achieve this in the face of unpredictable events such as the March 2011 tsunami in Japan. For instance, the auto industry was affected across the world after the tsunami. That caused disruptions but did not stop growth of new markets. One of the new markets the auto manufacturers have focused on is India. Twenty years ago, customers had a choice of only three models and makes of cars in India; today, dozens of choices are available because all the major auto manufacturers are actively expanding business in India.


Manufacturers need flexibility and speed to stay competitive. Business processes such as demand management and planning and scheduling have to be capable of near real-time response. To meet demand quickly and accurately, the response lead time at every stage of planning and production has to be kept short. Since there is huge product and feature variety, data volumes can be enormous. In the case of automotive manufacturing, a single vehicle can be offered in thousands of configurations with annual sales of millions of units. This is where optimization and big data come together.


Together, Optessa and HANA offer an optimal solution for manufacturers who deal with large amounts of data and yet need to optimize planning and scheduling of production. Optessa offers proven technology to model manufacturing environments at a high resolution and provides optimal solutions to complex planning and scheduling problems. HANA addresses the key challenge of marshalling big data from different sources and maintaining a live in-memory data model of the demand – manufacturing – supply chain. Optessa on HANA is a unique offering: it is on-demand optimization of live data models for the fast paced manufacturing environment.


For more information on Optessa planning and scheduling products please visit www.optessa.com or e-mail info@optessa.com. Optessa is part of the SAP HANA Startup Focus program and will be at Sapphire NOW as one of the participants in the program. Look for us at the HANA Test Drive area in the D&T campus.


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