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SAP Global IT is leading the SAP HANA wave. We were one of the first SAP HANA customers to go live in May 2010 with the real-time sales pipeline that gave us access to over 3 Terra Bytes of customer information opportunities. We implemented the COPA profitability calculation using Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) packages and the Business Warehouse 7.3 on SAP HANA is also in production. I can hear you asking “What kind of exciting things are SAP Global IT going to deliver in 2012?”.


We have over 10 projects already underway or in the pipeline for the first half of 2012.  The majority of these projects use RDS packages, which is a combination of software, content, training and so on to really ensure that SAP HANA software and apps are implemented in a most professional and fast way. Let me give you an example, a proof of concept is in place for RDS for Material List and is already in the validation phase, the Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) topic is also in validation.  Lead management is something that the business especially the marketing folks are very keen to see in place. Customer segmentation accelerator is also an RDS package that we plan to implement.


As you can see we plan to there are a lot of activities either being worked on or in the pipeline mostly in conjunction with an RDS package so my strong advice is to utilize those RDS packages because the implementation is much more easy and simplified than a traditional implementation.


The prospect of running ERP on SAP HANA is really exciting. We are working with the TIP organization to ensure SAP Global IT is among the first customers to run ERP on SAP HANA later this year. And there is much more to come.


Don’t forget to check out the SAP Runs SAP Blog (www.sap.com/cio) for up to date SAP Global IT information.


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