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Rudolf Hennecke is working for the customer solution adoption team, which is specialized on helping customers to implement innovative SAP solutions early.


Rudolf took some time during TechEd Madrid and explains the new solution CO-PA on SAP HANA and the two different use cases: Either SAP HANA acts as a secondary database on top of the ERP system or replicates data real-time and business intelligence tools report it in real-time with a graphic user interface. Rudolf talks about both, the advantages for financial processes within businesses and the the speedy implementation time for customers.


As we showed in our previous influencer summit blog post, HANA has taken one more stop in Boston, where the 2-day 2011 influencer summit kicked off today. Around 130 influencers gathered to get first hand information from our SAP executives regarding the core, HANA (in-memory), mobility and cloud strategies.This year, I'm the social ambassador for SAP HANA and technology; I followed the keynotes and sessions and will give you a brief overview of what was happening on Day 1.


The summit was getting started with a joke and the question whether this was the analyst or HANAlyst summit, since the HANA technology is and will be a very important focus area for SAP. However, the influencers were especially interested in the cloud strategy of SAP due to recent news. The keynotes featured several demos and customer use cases; Jim Snabe expressed his personal passion for sailing by showcasing the German sailing team and how they use SAP software to reach their goal to get a medal at the olympic games. While Jim Snabe's keynote gave an overview of the three areas, in-memory, cloud and mobility, Vishal focused on the technology and innovation aspect including HANA. Even though Vishal was streamed virtually, influencers were very pleased with his keynote and said it was the most realistic and comprehensive discussion of SAP HANA they've seen. Vishal explained the three directions of innovation: cloud, mobility and in-memory.


SAP HANA achieved more than $100 million Dollar of revenue after only 5 months of having become generally available. Most important, he explained the concept of the HANA architecture, the new reality of SAP HANA where HANA does not only serve as a database but also as architecture. It will be the base for renewed applications, completely new applications (e.g. JAVA and native apps)  and will run on both, appliances and  enterprise or public cloud. He highlighted renewed apps like Dynamic Cash Management and completely new apps like a completely text based analysis iPad app. My highlight was the consumer fashion application based on HANA, which was developed for retail customers in China. They can compare the different retailers and their collections in real-time.


One very important aspect Vishal presented was the openness of SAP's ecosystem and SAP HANA's wider industry adoption. SAP simultaneously published a press-release about "leading independent software vendors adopting the open SAP HANA platform for their existing products and building completely new applications" and SAP has new customers like TIBCO, Tableau and Jive who adopted SAP HANA.




Jonathan Becher was moderating a customer innovation panel with CSC, Ferrero, FreshDirect and Lufthansa Revenue Services. For instance, Ferrero was talking about the main need about supporting the business technology and how SAP HANA helped to satisfy this need and in the afternoon there was a break out technology & innovation session hosted by Aiaz Kazi with Steve Lucas, Sethu Meenakshisundaram and Martin Flegenheimer (CEO of Ferrero). I liked Steve Lucas' comment that HANA has a huge impact on several markets, not only the database segment but also the application integration space. 


Since I am the social ambassador for SAP HANA this year I was particularly interested in the social buzz during the first day.

In total there were more than 800 tweets generated related to SAP HANA on Day 1 only, from which 84% were from non-SAP employees. By following the influencers' conversations on Twitter, I could get helpful feedback on the current strategy and some food for thought. They agreed that the HANA platform is a great concept but want SAP to follow up with mobility and the cloud in 2012. Everyone was excited about the new customer adoptions and the demos Vishal showed during his keynote. The influencers also gave me good insight in what they want to see for 2012: A comprehensive big data strategy and clarification around HANA, Hadoop and Sybase IQ, and the actual business value that HANA delivers to our customers. I'm sure that many of the questions have been resolved during the deep-dive sessions at the summit but we are definitely taking this feedback into our discussions how to showcase HANA's success in the new year.


The HANA train is getting charged over the Holidays and New Years and you can expect that we're going to continue our high speed traveling through the technology universe, we will take many new & existing customers on board and will show you how SAP HANA can add value to your business!

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