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In his TechEd / SAPPHIRE NOW keynote, Vishal invited Red Bull to show the first BW-on-HANA system running at a customer site. Through the efforts of experts from both organizations, many best practices were share to provide an excellent showcase of how things can work out if properly planned and implemented.


Watch the demo here (10 min) and read below to learn more about the process.


The most important and impressive message is that the overall process took 10 days for the project to complete. A more detailed run-down can be seen from the slide (thankfully provided by our colleagues from Red Bull).


For the image below - software-related activities have been lined up on the "left-hand side" while hardware-related activities can be seen on the right. 



The foundation for a migration process is the E2E implementation guide for SAP Netweaver BW 7.3, powered by SAP HANA. It is available on the SAP Service Marketplace; you need to have a registered user to access those documents. The E2E guide lists all fundamental decisions that you need to take and links to the appropriate and more detailed guides that are necessary to complete the effort.


Just last week, John Appleby from our partner Bluefin Solutions ran through a similar migration exercise and documented his experience in a blog entry First Impressions on SAP NetWeaver BW 7.3, powered by SAP HANA - amazing. Have a look as it holds additional details of the process.

Who put the “Rapid Deployment” in RDS? 


After talking with Ralf Strassner of the Solution Assembly and Packaging Team, you might start to think it was SAP HANA.


Join me to hear Ralf talk about Provimi, an SAP customer who is a world leader in animal nutrition, as he shares insights on how they deployed their solution in a 16 day implementation using the SAP HANA RDS for Operational Reporting. This video addresses:

  • Customers benefits of RDS for HANA
  • Lessons learned
  • What Provimi thinks of SAP HANA


Live from Sapphire. Lots of excitement around the SAP CO-PA Accelerator. Providing the benefits of in-memory computing for ERP customers. Check out our video.



This solution was released to market November 7,2011. To learn more access SAP's Service Marketplace @ https://websmp209.sap-ag.de/~form/sapnet?_SHORTKEY=01100035870000743658&

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect at the SAP HANA Test Drive at SAP TechEd Madrid.  We've added a couple of twists since Vegas, so there's something for every attendee at the show (geeks and suits).


SAP HANA Test Drive

Sit down and pound out some code at the 5 Hands On tables with LIVE SAP HANA systems.  We've got product experts staffed at each table to help you experience the 360 degrees of SAP HANA on a technical level. 


1.  Application Development with SAP HANA.  Build live ABAP, JAVA and BOBJ apps on the fly in SAP HANA Studio and deploy them to an iPad.

2.  SAP BW 7.3 on SAP HANA:  Ramp Up starts on Nov 7th, so get your hands on the live, shipping code and learn from our development team everything you need to know about migrating your production BW system over to SAP HANA. 

3.  Integration with SAP HANA:  Learn how to connect SAP HANA systems to a variety of non-SAP applications and databases.

4.  Data Provisioning & Modeling with SAP HANA:  Learn how to use BOBJ Data Services and SLT to get real-time and near-real-time data from hundreds of types of systems and then model the data in the SAP HANA environment.  We'll also be showing the new Information Composer

5.  SAP HANA Admin & Operations:  Learn everything you need to know about how to run a production SAP HANA environment.

6.  SAP HANA Mini-Theater:  All day, each day, there will be customers, partners and SAP experts talking about their SAP HANA projects.  See link for more info and schedule.


SAP HANA "Satellite"

We've also added a satellite area to the main SAP HANA area to talk about more business-oriented aspects of SAP HANA.  The Satellite will include:

2 tables showing over 20 new and upcoming SAP applications built on SAP HANA

1 table to learn about doing SAP HANA Proof of Concepts and Implementations

1 table to learn about building SAP HANA business cases and ROI metrics

1 table to learn about becoming Powered by SAP HANA and all topics related to the SAP partner ecosystem for SAP HANA


We're really excited to share all the new content and knowledge we've been developing, so please stop by and spend some time in the SAP HANA area of the show.  Its the first thing you'll see when you walk into Hall 10 on your way to the SAP TechEd sessions, so you can't miss it



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