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Just a quick update.  The SAP HANA servers have just shipped out of Waldorf for Madrid.  Thought I'd let everyone know what type of gear we've got coming to the showfloor.  We'll be announcing a NEW certified hardware partner at the show, so I'll have to keep that one a secret for a few more days




PowerEdge R910

SAP HANA Size: Medium

4 Intel E7-4870 / 32 cores




System x3850 X5

SAP HANA size: Small+

4 Intel X7560 / 32 cores

256 GB RAM



C460 M2

SAP HANA size: Medium

4 Intel E7-4870 / 40 cores

512 GB RAM



ProLiant DL580 G7

SAP HANA size: Medium

4 Intel E7-4870 / 40 cores

512 GB RAM




SAP HANA size: Small

2 Intel E7-4870 / 20 cores

256 GB RAM


Here's a pic of all the gear, packed and ready for the journey from Germany to Madrid.





Thanks to Michael Reiser and the SAP IT Events team for getting everything in and out of the datacenter for us

Exciting news.  We've added a special "mini theater" to the SAP HANA Test Drive area (Hall 10) where you can hear from customers and partners who have just gone live with SAP HANA projects.  It's a phenomenal opportunity to see their use cases, hear about their experiences and have a dialog with folks who have just completed their SAP HANA rollout.  Each session is set up at a 20 minute presentation where they will outline their use case and project and then 10 minutes of Q&A.  There's also an opportunity to move the discussion to the nearby lounges to get deeper into things.  We've put together a very broad set of presentations from LIVE SAP HANA customers, implementation and hardware partners who are involved with ongoing SAP HANA implementations and several SAP-led sessions to talk about unique aspects of SAP HANA.  Below is the current schedule, but since this mini-theater is a bit "informal" and we have a few spots to finalize, there might be changes as the event progresses.  We'll have an updated schedule in the SAP HANA Test Drive area throughout the show, so stop by and get an update while you're getting geeky with all the SAP HANA hardware.



Howdy folks.  Here's a quick note on all the key SAP HANA content at SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd Madrid on Nov. 8th-10th.  The SAP HANA team has combed through the hundreds of hours of SAP HANA presentations, hands-on workshops, test-drives, mini-theaters, discussion forums and demo pods to create the "Golden Agenda" for all things HANA at the show.  Since Sapphire Now and SAP TechEd are combined into one event, we've actually created two tracks in the Golden Agenda:  One for "suits" and one for "geeks".  There's a bit of cross-over between the two agendas, but there are some deep technical sessions that could terrify your average business person and some ROI and demo sessions that might bore the hard-core techies, so we've included something for both groups. 


As an extra-special treat, we've even set up a mini-theater in the SAP HANA area of the Technology Campus where customers and partners will be presenting updates on their SAP HANA projects and go-live experiences.   Great info from people fresh out of the project cycle.


Have a look at the attachment and synch up with your buddies to make sure you attend all the key sessions on the Golden Agenda.  They really are the "can't miss" SAP HANA sessions, so make sure you carve out some time at the show to attend.


PS. Make sure to stop by the SAP HANA Test Drive in Hall 10 whenever you have some free time to play with some LIVE HANA servers and get geeky

SAP HANA allows for processing of vast amounts of profitability data in an instant. An unprecedented opportunity to turn improved insight into competitive differentiation. Curious how?


Well, HANA CO-PA enables business transformation. It allows you to...

  • Revert failed business practices
  • Change existing profitability management processes
  • Introduce new profitability analysis processes


A large number of IT workarounds and compromises were put in place to manage performance on the transactional (month-end allocations) as well as on reporting side. With HANA-based CO-PA they no longer are required. You can stop executing them. No more aggregations levels to be maintained, no more more-or-less redundant info-cubes need to be updated, line item data and detail does not need to be archived anymore. Allocations or analytics on aggregated levels only with loss of line item detail no more.


Process and review the data based on the levels you manage your business. Incent your people on a product level? Track sales and assign cost to the product level, maybe even look at transaction level costing if this makes a difference to you. Look at your current setup and eliminate the compromises that were  put in place to accommodate performance.


So far we covered reducing operational cost to provide profitability insights and elimination of business compromises.


On top of that there will be new processes and analytics that are just not known. Real-time profitability, allowing to manage the business to come rather then retro-actively reviewing it is highly probable. So are data enrichment scenarios where profitability is looked at under consideration of available inventory (why push sales of products you can deliver and invoice …). And one can imagine combining it with SAP internal as well as external data.

Those who will adopt in-memory first will be in the best position to think through and establish those value-added processes. This insight that other competitors won’t have will create competitive differentiation, no doubt.

HANA-based CO-PA allows you to get better, get healthy, and get great!

SAP Profitability Analysis brings together information from Sales, Production, Product Costing, and Overhead Management (CO) for the management of organizational and business segment profitability.


Naturally data volumes and multi-dimensional analysis requirements are a key concern in B2B and B2C businesses alike.


With the introduction of SAP HANA the processing of large amounts of data and multi-dimensional analysis basically has become a ‘non-issue’. In-memory technology paired with additional software-based features allows SAP HANA to provide instant results to even the largest business questions.


HANA provides speed not previously possible.


But what does SPEED do to CO-PA? Why is speed relevant for CO-PA?


Speed allows you to...

  • Do more in the same time
  • Dig deeper when you need


Do more in the same time – an Account Manager that reviews his key customers every Monday morning from 8 – 9 am might look at 10 of his customers today. With HANA-based CO-PA he might now be able to get insight into all of his 40 of his key customers.


Dig deeper when you need – reporting response time or limitations to the data dimensions available to you will leave you with a limited understanding of the given opportunities and issues. With HANA-based CO-PA you can drill down through all dimensions available, all the way to the line item and its information detail


Speed allows to...

  • Process complete data sets. No more archiving and data compromises. Analyze year-to-date trends, multi-year comparisons, and even pattern analysis.


Speed allows you...

  • Real-time access. Information on what deals are closed, their net profitability, success of promotions, and achievement of actual / plans targets to date … allow you to manage the business to come rather than retro-actively reviewing results you can no longer influence.


Processing of large data volumes, multi-dimensional analysis, and instant answers are key to successfully managing profitability. And SAP HANA is that enabler.

Do you want to measure profitability by customer by product by region? Do you want the ability to analyze this information real time without having to request additional reports from your IT group. SAP CO-PA Accelerator, Powered by HANA, helps companies manage both day-to-day profitability and costs as well as analyze this information in a multitude of user specified ways. However optimizing this profitability system requires a full understanding of the revenue and costs for a particular product or service.


According to Forrester Research, SAP has emerged as the leading advocate of in-memory computing technology as a key pillar of its innovation strategy: "[SAP] HANA allows SAP to develop innovative new applications that can consume and analyze massive volumes of data in near real time while also providing a cost-effective, elastic computing platform." .SAP CO-PA Accelerator was designed to give users real-time insight into "big data," allowing them to leverage vast amounts of information for analysis, planning, and forecasting and simulations in a more fluid, natural way versus traditional approaches that are rigid, sequential, and time-consuming.


SAP CO-PA Accelerator is here. It is straightforward to deploy and use, and it delivers instant value. It comes with complementary SAP Rapid Deployment solutions for low-risk, fixed-cost implementation. Most new solutions add to the burden on IT, but this one eases it. Whether you currently use CO-PA software from SAP, are an existing SAP customer but new to CO-PA, or have yet to experience the benefits of our innovations, transform your business with SAP CO-PA Accelerator and SAP HANA.


Leverage this platform for ...

  • In-depth Customer, Product and Segment Profitability analysis to formulate strategies for growth and innovation
  • Real time profitability reporting on large volumes of date and on the fly analysis of the date at any level of granularity and aggregation
  • Evaluate the business outcome of decisions made related to pricing, campaigns, manufacturing costs etc.


Empower the business user to make decisions that will transform the business and focus on products, customers and services that will take the business to the next level.


Hear from Mark Dienert, Chief Controlling Officer SAP Group on the benefits of deploying SAP CO-PA Accelerator.


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