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SAP HANA Outperforms

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SAP HANA is the Future of Business

The pace of change in business is accelerating at a rate the world has never seen before. Advances in mobile, cloud and Big Data technologies require companies to analyze data, make decisions and innovate faster.

Explore why SAP HANA is the Future of Business.

Massive Speed

Database scans up to 3.19 billion per second, per core.

SAP HANA has earned a reputation for game-changing speed — and for making the promise of real-time business possible. SAP and Intel® engineers jointly tested the scan speed of an SAP HANA database across a variety of Intel CPU processors. These tests achieved results of 3.19 billion symbol scans per second per core, demonstrating SAP HANA’s Massive Speed compared to traditional databases.

The Details: Intel Xeon processor (2-socket, Sandy Bridge, 2.7GHz, 8 cores per processor) Intel Hyper-Threading technology enabled, Intel Turbo mode enabled, 128 GB of memory @ 1333MH

Real-Time Business

Up to 2,000 times faster intercompany reconciliation.

SAP HANA unlocks the potential of doing business in real time. To test the impact of SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, a third-party financial accounting team conducted a comparison study that simulated a Fortune 1000-size intercompany reconciliation process. Two identically configured environments were compared: a regular ERP Central Component (ECC) environment on traditional database and the other running on SAP HANA. SAP HANA achieved a result 2,000 times faster than the traditional database, making Real-Time Business more achievable in financial organizations.

The Details: For more information, download the SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA Fact Book.

Extreme Scale

Proven to run massive data sets to petabyte scale.

SAP HANA can scale to deliver real-time analytics on massive data sets. A performance test was developed to test how a single-cluster SAP HANA instance can scale to run complex BI queries on one petabyte (1 PB) of data. The 1 PB data set was comprised of 1.2 trillion rows of data representing 10 years’ worth of sales distribution data — similar to what would be extracted from an SAP ERP application for analysis in the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse component. The majority of BI queries run on the 1 PB data set delivered sub-second response times; and even the most complex query, which involved a five-year span of data, ran in under 3.5 seconds. This Extreme Scale is ideal for the enormous data sets of the future.

The Details: For details about the 1 PB performance test, download the whitepaper.

Radical Efficiency

Reduces financial accounting data footprint by up to 37 times.

SAP HANA’s column-oriented database architecture dramatically reduces data storage requirements. An SAP application development team ran a simulation of productive customer data with a 100 million-line financial accounting data set. By porting the data from a classic database to SAP HANA, eliminating unnecessary index and aggregate tables, and enabling operational reporting directly within SAP HANA, the data footprint was reduced by a factor of 37. SAP HANA customers are finding Radical Efficiency.

The Details: SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7 SAP NetWeaver 7.40. Data compression, plus data model simplification, resulted in a factor of 18.5 reduction. The additional factor of two (18.5 X 2 = 37) comes from SAP HANA’s ability to support OLTP & OLAP in columnar database with one data copy.

Lower Cost

A single system for OLTP & OLAP.

SAP HANA combines transactional and analytical processing in a single system, resulting in lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional database systems. By providing a dual OLTP-OLAP architecture, SAP HANA reduces the data footprint, which saves on storage costs; and eliminating the need for data extraction and transfer from OLTP to OLAP saves time and resources. After SAP re-tooled its internal CRM system to SAP CRM powered by SAP HANA, the transactions and analytics were available to all users in a single system, core processes were twice as fast and database searches ran 250 times faster — resulting in 30% cost savings compared to the previous CRM installation.

The Details: Read the full SAP CRM case study.


Deploy anywhere, in the datacenter or in the cloud.

SAP HANA offers a range of deployment options, including hardware appliances installed in customers’ datacenters and cloud-based installations. SAP HANA hardware appliances are ideal for large enterprises and companies that require on-premise hosting; they are available from nine industry-leading hardware partners. SAP HANA cloud offerings range from basic, entry-level instances to enterprise-class managed cloud offerings suitable for running ERP and business-critical applications; and SAP HANA cloud offerings provide choice in licensing models. Cloud-based deployments are ideal for smaller-scale deployments, start-ups and independent software vendors (ISVs), and for situations where a pay-as-you-go model is preferred over larger capital expenditure. These options provide unmatched Choice for customers.

The Details: View SAP HANA cloud-based deployment options.


Supporting over 2,200 enterprises and over 1,000 start-ups.

Fueled by innovation, SAP HANA is the fastest growing product in SAP’s 40-year history. More than 2,200 enterprise customers and 1,000 start-ups use SAP HANA today globally. SAP HANA’s rapid customer adoption and rise in market share are indicators that it is the market’s most advanced in-memory database with clear value being delivered. SAP HANA helps customers Innovate — and capitalize on the disruptive forces of mobile, cloud and Big Data in business today.

The Details: Read Dr. Vishal Sikka’s blog post, “SAP HANA Crosses the Chasm.”

Faster Financials

Significant time savings closing your quarter.

SAP HANA helps financial departments dramatically reduce the time of closing quarters, empowering them to make better, faster decisions and improve their business processes. SAP was able to cut the total database size by 50%, run profitability analysis in 15% of the time, and eliminate 16 days (400 hours) from its quarterly closing process by running CRM, ERP and BW on SAP HANA. Get Faster Financials in less time with fewer resources — and gain the benefits of real-time business.

The Details: System uses eight CPUs with 10 cores, Intel XEON-E7 8870 @ 2.4 GHZ, w/ 4096 GB DRAM, running SAP HANA 1.0 revision 56, with ECC 6.0 EHP 6.16.


Runs on leading hardware systems; used by leading software vendors.

One of the biggest misunderstandings about SAP HANA is that it is only for SAP applications and data. This is false. SAP HANA is an open platform that runs thousands of third-party applications on non-SAP hardware and infrastructure; and partnership and cooperation is key to SAP HANA’s commercial success. SAP HANA is offered on nine industry-leading partners’ hardware. Its cloud offerings are provided by external hosting and management partners on three continents — and rapidly expanding. Independent, third-party application developers and start-ups choose SAP HANA to run their applications and commercialize them via the SAP HANA Marketplace. SAP certification programs help third parties optimize their applications for integration with SAP systems and sell them to SAP’s global customer base. Openness is at the core of SAP HANA.

The Details: For more information related to SAP HANA openness.


Supports multiple data types — structured and unstructured: text, social, machine, geospatial and business data.

Data is a competitive advantage, but only if you can gather and understand it in time — which is a huge challenge in today’s sea of data. SAP HANA is an ideal Big Data analytics platform, capable of efficiently loading and rapidly analyzing multiple data types in both structured and unstructured forms. With SAP Data Services, traditional sources of structured data, such as point-of-sale, transactions, customer records, etc., as well as non-traditional, unstructured sources, such as website logs, social media, email, videos, etc., can be loaded into SAP HANA for seamless modeling and analysis. SAP HANA offers the Flexibility to gather hidden insights from data that has historically been impractical to analyze.

The Details: Learn more about SAP HANA’s Advanced Analytics capabilities.

Speed to Decision

Real-time insight into multi-channel sales data.

SAP HANA enables businesses to analyze enormous data sets to make business decisions faster. Unilever, a €50 billion fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company that operates in more than 190 countries, wished to improve its manufacturing decision-making and consolidate 250 manufacturing systems to four core ERP systems. With SAP HANA, Unilever was able to achieve over 10,000 times faster process acceleration, making real-time decisions at the shop floor level throughout its 60 European sourcing units and 300 distribution centers. Unilever is one of about 20 SAP HANA customers to have achieved a 10,000X improvement in its Speed to Decision.

The Details: Learn more about Unilever’s enhanced supply chain decision-making.

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