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As the holidays approach I have been musing on ideas for a seasonal blog post.  I noticed that you can’t spell Hannukkah (or Chanukah) without HANA. Or Happy New Year. And Kwanzaa and Santa are just begging to be included in anagrams (HANAgrams?). But I think an interesting story is how HANA could change a specific holiday; Christmas.


From a business perspective there are two accepted views of Christmas. It is an occasion when children send letters to Santa, elves furiously create toys, and he delivers them all in one night. Or it is an occasion for which thousands of businesses forecast, manufacture, ship, stock and sell hundreds of millions of gifts, through tens of thousands of factories, distribution centers and retail outlets. Whichever version you believe, HANA can have a big impact.


Planning and forecasting:

HANA can analyze massive amounts of rapidly emerging data to enable predictive analysis. In an elf economy this means Santa could continuously adjust production in his workshop as children’s letters come in. In a traditional economy, all of the manufacturers, distributors and retailers can adjust to meet emerging demand trends for hundreds of millions of items.


Production analysis:

HANA can give a real time picture of production levels and issues. So, if there is a problem with one team of elves (or workers), but another will complete early, the workshop (or factory) can adjust to get everything onto the sleigh (or to distribution) just in time


Real-time analysis of distribution and stock:

HANA gives you the ability to see where every single product is, right now. Is it on a shelf in retail store A? Has it been sold? Is it on a truck in Delaware? Does distribution need to be changed to address demand spikes in different areas? Is it on the sleigh, in the right sack, half way down a chimney, or under a tree?


Revenue and profitability analysis:

HANA lets every company see its bottom line, in real time, throughout the process – by region, by product, even by shelf or for every individual item sold. If he can already figure out if we have been bad or good I am sure Santa can measure the happiness brought to every child, from every gift. HANA could help him break this down, report it back to the elves, and show Mrs. Claus why he was out all night (again).


Whether you believe in elves or the free market, put HANA on your list. And whichever holiday you will be celebrating, we offer our best wishes for the season, and hope you have a very happy new year.

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