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Hi! My name is Patti from the SAP technology marketing team and welcome to our new video blog “5 Minutes with Patti”.  We are starting a video blog where we will spend 5 minutes (give or take a few minutes) with some interesting people to talk about what they are working on with SAP technology. 


The blogs will connect the cool stuff happening with SAP Technology with the cool people responsible for it.  We hope you enjoy these casual conversations as much as we enjoying having them. And, feel free to recommend some cool folks for us to talk to; this is a video blog by the people, for the people!

Our first video blog is with Margaret Anderson, Vice President, and Dennis Schwerer, Director of the Customer Solution Adoption Team.  Margaret and Dennis have been knee-deep in HANA implementations and have a lot of insights to share on why customers are adopting In-Memory Computing, the decision, blue-printing, and implementations processes, and lessons learned from the customer engagements so far.  This is great stuff!  Enjoy!


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